We cover the breadth of general practice, while individual doctors cultivate their own particular interests with their own style of practice.


Standard consultations. We will endeavour to always have on-the-day appointments available as they are requested.


Long consultations are available. They attract an out of pocket cost.


Department of Veterans Affairs for Gold Card holders and White Card holders’ accepted conditions. These are bulk-billed.


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander healthcare, particularly via the Indigenous Access Program including regular Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health checks, Chronic Disease Management plans, and utilising the Closing the Gap Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.


Mental health consultations as well as Mental Health Care Plans as eligible. These entitle you to Medicare rebates for up to 10 individual appointments per year for therapy by a clinical psychologist, or focussed psychological strategies by an allied mental health professional.


Travel Medicine consultations and travel vaccinations.


All routine vaccinations from childhood vaccinations right through to adult vaccinations including Pneumovax (pneumococcal pneumonia vaccine) and Zostavax (shingles vaccine).


Influenza vaccinations when available.


Full skin examinations utilising DermEngine technology, with or without Total Body Photography (this is recommended for those with a history of melanoma, or very many moles)



Biopsy of skin lesion if recommended following consultation.


Excision of skin lesion – fees are variable and include routine aftercare.


Implanon insertion and removal.


Ear syringing, spirometry, ECGs, pregnancy testing, cryotherapy, immunisations – these are covered by Medicare when additional to a consultation.




Chronic Disease Management plans

GP Management Plans (GPMP) to help people with chronic medical conditions; and Team Care Arrangements (TCAs) for complex care needs requiring multidisciplinary care.


If you have both a GPMP and TCAs, you may be eligible for Medicare rebates for certain allied health services directly related to the management of your chronic condition. The practice nurse will also provide support and monitoring.


Heart Health Assessment

The intention of the Heart Health Assessment is to identify and advise on cardiovascular disease (CVD) especially in people not known to have CVD including Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander persons who are aged 30 years and above and non-Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander persons aged 45 years and above. Eligibility includes not having had a health assessment in the previous 12 months.


Diabetes risk Health Assessment

People aged 40 to 49 years (inclusive) with a high risk of developing type 2 diabetes as determined by the Australian Type 2 Diabetes Risk Assessment Tool – Once every three years to an eligible patient.


Chronic disease risk Health Assessment

People between the age of 45 and 49 (inclusive) who are at risk of developing a chronic disease – Once only to an eligible patient.


Over 75 Health Assessment

People aged 75 years and older – Provided annually to an eligible patient.


Intellectual disability Health Assessment

People who have an intellectual disability – Provided annually to an eligible patient.


One-off Veteran Health Check

(Formerly known as the ADF Post-Discharge GP Health Assessment)

Former serving members of the Australian Defence Force including former members of permanent and reserve forces – Once only to an eligible patient.


Annual Veteran Health Check

All former serving members of the ADF who transition from 1 July 2019 can gain access to a fully-funded comprehensive Annual Veteran Health Check every year for the first five years after transition.